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Get access to a team of world-class experts specifically designed to manage your digital transformation projects, or help you get the most from your existing technologies – with no hidden cost surprises.

Helping companies get the most from technology.


Tackle challenges and seize opportunities. Our proven and dedicated experts will help choose the best solution to meet your goals. If you already have a solution in mind, we can help design and implement every part of your rollout.


Maximise the value of your existing IT infrastructure. We’ll build a team of experts to manage the day-to-day operation of your entire IT systems and technologies, and help you get the most from the technology you have.

Discover the benefits of K2 Managed Solutions.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll assemble an expert team designed to help you maximise your potential and achieve your goals – for a fixed price and with no hidden costs.

Cost effectiveness




The values that drive us.


We’re passionate about collaboration, strong relationships and mutual commitment. It means we’ll deliver on our promises in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


We’re highly invested in what we do and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We‘re led by honesty, fairness and integrity towards each other, the people that work for us and with us, and for the clients we partner with.


We’re passionate about solving problems and creating success for our customers, and will go the extra mile to ensure projects are delivered painlessly and successfully.


All of our experts and engineers have a proven track record of doing what you need to get done. Each one has incredible expertise, and you can be sure our team will deliver whatever you need to achieve because they’ve done it before – and done it exceptionally well.

Case Studies

We’ve partnered with and supported companies worldwide. Discover how we’ve helped them achieve success.

Case Studies

K2’s tailored SAP solution boosts customer service for manufacturing company

K2 Managed Solutions helped this US education company transform productivity with our Salesforce Lightning migration expertise. ...

Case Studies

Productivity soars as K2 leads education firm through successful Salesforce Lightning migration

K2 Managed Solutions helped this US education company transform productivity with our Salesforce Lightning migration expertise. ...

Case Studies

We built an expert Salesforce Marketing Cloud team to help a top European carmaker expand in APAC

A premium European car maker used K2 Managed Solutions to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud and grow its ...

Supporting companies around the world.

I’m so grateful to K2 for their exceptional service. They fulfilled our project requirements with a sense of urgency and commitment.

Sridhar Srikrishna, Program and Change Management Strategic Finance Projects, CFO Board Area

SAP, India

We have very high standards within the pharmaceutical industry. K2 always rises to the challenge and helps to improve our technology systems with unshakeable excellence.


Multinational Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company

K2 always delivers the skills that we need for our vital SAP projects. The consultants have vast knowledge and are fully committed to their customers’ goals.

Rogerio Ribeiro Macedo,

Rexam Beverage Can, South America S.A

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