Agile solutions drive innovation for leading energy company

The client: A multinational energy company

Headquartered in Europe, this company provides energy management and digital automation solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, and infrastructure.

The projects: Multiple agile solutions to meet the changing needs of one client

K2 has collaborated with the client on several projects over the past few years, building a strong long-term relationship and earning the status of a preferred global partner. After demonstrating our expertise and reliability in SAP production support, we were entrusted to manage additional projects spanning diverse technologies, locations, and business objectives.

1. Providing cost-effective nearshore SAP production support

  • The client faced a shortage of expertise for ongoing SAP production support tasks after transferring several of its own employees to work on a major new S/4HANA rollout in 2021.
  • K2 created a team of 15 functional and technical specialists to provide application management services on existing SAP platforms for finance, supply chain, and logistics.
  • While our contract with the client was signed in the U.S., we leveraged our nearshore capacities to establish a cost-efficient team in Mexico.

2. Facilitating a complex restructuring using specialized SAP expertise

  • After effectively delivering production support, K2’s flexible SAP team shifted its attention to other business objectives. At the time, the client was in the process of creating new legal entities from companies it was divesting.
  • Our team assisted in consolidating these entities, initially focusing on the U.S. before extending our efforts to Mexico and Brazil.
  • SAP resources were deployed, showcasing a diverse set of skills such as project systems, sales and distribution, finance, and ABAP.

3. Creating an elite SAP team to execute high-profile U.S. projects

  • K2 was also tasked with building a highly skilled team of four SAP experts to help deliver business-critical projects for the U.S. market.
  • Through this initiative, K2 transitioned from providing tier-one and tier-two support on existing platforms to closely collaborating with the business on the implementation of new SAP functionalities.
  • With a track record of successful deliveries, this team is now held in high regard by the client and is consistently entrusted with important SAP enhancements or production challenges.

4. Quickly overcoming a sudden challenge with purchase orders

  • The client encountered an unforeseen challenge when processing purchasing orders, resulting in delays in invoicing its customers.
  • When the client escalated the issue to C-level, it turned to a trusted partner for help. K2 swiftly presented a variety of EDI (electronic data interchange) experts for the client’s evaluation within a tight timeframe of 24 hours.
  • We then collaborated closely and effectively with the client’s internal team to troubleshoot and resolve the invoicing problem.

5. Implementing a cutting-edge IoT project

  • The client’s IoT (internet of things) division was migrating a data platform for its building sensors to Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  • K2 deployed a team of four U.S.-based IoT experts in data engineering, security penetration testing, and cloud DevOps to develop, migrate, and scale up the new data platform.
  • This enabled the client to enhance its IoT software capabilities for digital buildings, supporting its valuable enterprise customers.

The result: Maximizing ROI through agile, cost-effective solutions

K2’s work on these five projects has delivered tangible results for the client:

  • Meeting business objectives in a dynamic market: K2’s flexible and scalable delivery framework allowed us to easily reallocate existing resources to work on the client’s most crucial new projects.
  • Providing fast solutions to technology challenges: Our agility and fast access to specialist skills enabled us to deliver solutions within short time periods, enhancing operational efficiency for the client.
  • Reducing costs and maximizing ROI: The client valued our competitively priced nearshore project management, which consistently delivered high-quality work within budget.
  • Making internal teams more productive: K2 worked seamlessly with the client’s employees, freeing up their time to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.
  • Ensuring operational efficiency for both new and ongoing projects: K2 was there to support the client, whether it required maintenance for an existing platform or guidance in constructing a new one.
  • Driving continuous innovation: As K2 collaborates further with the client, the roadmap for our partnership includes enhancing its capacity to develop new applications and functionality.

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Simon Mortlock