Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing Company

The client:

    • A multinational electrical manufacturing company that was founded in 1911 in New Jersey, USA. It has over 97,000 employees based across 175 countries.

The need:

    • The client needed a modern management model that would help staff produce executive reports to the company’s top management more efficiently.

    • They needed a partner to develop its architecture, data organization and dashboards across several key departments using the Microsoft Power BI tool.

The plan:

    • When the client chose to partner with K2 to help them achieve its goal, we created a team-as-a-service.

    • We proposed a squad model to work with the Electrical Solutions, Human Resources and Finance departments. The teams were made up of Project Managers, Data Specialists and BI Consultants.

The result:

    • We delivered a dashboard that would improve data organization and make it easier for the client to access key analytics to improve its operations.

    • After K2 implemented the improved management tool, any data gathered was more accurate and could be accessed faster. The innovative solution and the teams’ hard work improved the client’s productivity and efficiency.

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