K2’s martech expertise drives efficiency for global retailer

The client: Multinational retail corporation

This European-headquartered company is one of the world’s largest consumer goods retailers, with a global network of over 12,000 stores.

The challenge: Enhance marketing and sales performance

The client needed to improve the performance of its marketing and sales departments in Brazil to support business growth. Its objective was to introduce innovative marketing technology (martech) solutions, empowering both departments to operate with greater speed and efficiency.

The solution: An agile squad delivering effective martech solutions at speed

Working closely with the client’s team, K2 built an agile squad of 10 martech professionals, comprising specialists in these roles:

  • Project manager/scrum master
  • Product owner
  • Business analyst
  • Tech leader
  • QA / tester
  • Developers (front-end/ back-end)

Mainly using Java and .NET for back-end development, with Angular for front-end tasks, the squad developed, tested, deployed, and supported new tools and reports, streamlining operations for the marketing and sales teams.

The squad worked flexibly, providing the most sought-after skills and technical resources at every stage of the client’s roadmap.

K2 seamlessly scaled up deliverables to navigate the unpredictable dynamics of the retail sector.

The results: A more productive martech operation

  • Improved efficiency: Our squad’s development of new martech tools has automated processes, freeing up staff time.
  • Better alignment between marketing and sales: By working from the same datasets, both departments can launch campaigns more quickly. 
  • Personalized customer experiences: Equipped with advanced tools, marketing and sales can tailor their approaches to specific audiences.
  • Enhanced reporting: Our client now has access to powerful insights, empowering better-informed marketing decisions.
  • Knowledge transfer: The K2 squad shared martech best practices with the client, ensuring ongoing success.
  • Enhanced ROI: Over time, the efficiencies and automations introduced by the martech squad can result in significant cost savings. 

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Simon Mortlock