K2’s SAP expertise transforms operational efficiency for renowned luxury brand

The client: One of the world’s largest luxury goods companies

From its base in Europe, this K2 client manufactures and sells jewelry, watches, clothes and other premium products to customers worldwide.

The overview: 15 years of SAP success across multiple projects and markets

K2 has deployed more than 200 professionals to execute business-critical digital projects for this client since our first engagement with its Group Technology division in 2008.

Focusing primarily on SAP transformation, we’ve provided the company with tried and tested teams of experts across these products and more: 


Our long-standing partnership has contributed to the successful delivery of projects in Europe, APAC, LATAM and the Middle East. 

Moreover, we’ve demonstrated the flexibility to support the client across many of its business functions, including operations, logistics, and sales.

Here is a selection of our key recent achievements:

The projects: Delivering a customized global SAP migration

The company launched a major global SAP implementation project, migrating from legacy infrastructure to a modernized platform. 

K2 leveraged our international capabilities and SAP expertise to rapidly deploy consultants to deliver this complicated, customized SAP rollout for Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and UAE.

The new platform we helped to deliver is designed to automate and standardize operational processes to support the client’s multiple business divisions.

Transforming the client’s logistics capabilities

The client manufactures its luxury products in different European locations and sends them to a central hub for packing and distribution to customers globally. Managing distribution at this magnitude requires world-class logistics.

Drawing on our expertise in specialisms such as SAP Logistics Execution (LE), K2 built a team of eight consultants for an ongoing project aimed at redesigning and improving the efficiency of the critical logistics system that underpins the distribution center.

Improving the customer experience for luxury goods buyers

K2 is also currently helping the client to enhance and manage end-to-end B2C online sales processes, primarily using SAP Commerce Cloud, with a focus on front-end and middleware integration.

We have about 10 consultants working to enhance customer satisfaction for the company by facilitating seamless communication between its retail website and its manufacturing and distribution systems.

The result: Maximizing customer satisfaction through improved operational efficiency

K2 delivered important benefits across these three projects:

  • Driving operational efficiency: K2’s expertise in SAP transformation enabled the client to automate and standardize processes, ensuring smooth operations across multiple business divisions.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction: Through improved operational efficiency and streamlined delivery processes, K2 helped the client deliver a better experience to its customers.
  • Supporting global expansion: Leveraging K2’s international capabilities, the client successfully deployed SAP solutions across multiple countries, helping its international expansion.
  • Enabling faster decision-making: K2’s support in delivering projects on time and on budget enabled the client to make informed decisions promptly.
  • Improving supply chain management: By optimizing logistics systems, K2 helped the client enhance supply chain efficiency, resulting in faster delivery times and reduced costs.
  • Empowering workforce productivity: By working seamlessly with the client’s internal teams, K2 freed up their time to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation, ultimately making the workforce more productive.

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