Leadership Team.

Meet the Leadership Team.

Meet the experienced leadership team behind K2 Managed Solutions.

Antonio Gulino


"I started K2 as a junior recruiter and now I'm the CEO. I know firsthand how we're about creating opportunity."

Luis Pereira


“As CFO, I know better than anyone that we’re not afraid to take risks to grow and create new possibilities.” ​

Tricia Bielinski

Chief People Officer

“I see each person’s dedication to achievement every day, regardless of the job they do or their level of seniority.” ​​

Chenda Ando

Managing Director, APAC

“I lead our dynamic team in Asia, who excel in the fast-paced world of technology. It’s our people that set us apart.”

Wahridj Gergian

Managing Director EMEA

“I’m passionate about closing the technology talent gap. Our inspiring experts make people the best at what they do.”

Valerio Lancia

Managing Director, Enterprise Technology

“I love technology. It’s something that K2 nurtures, finding the most creative, effective solutions for our customers.”

Jonathon Lalonde

Senior Vice President, US East & Canada

“We work with the best technologies, talent and companies. Our passion and dedication keep us on top.”

Javier Ballester

Global Director Managed Services

"I’m in awe of our people’s unshakeable strength and capabilities. They strive to offer the best service on the market.”

Demian Cury

Managing Director, Brazil

“I can't describe the great times I've had with my Brazil team. We grow stronger and more united every day.”

Zaidy Ramirez

Global Director of Salesforce Managed Services

“K2 rewards success based on pure merit. I knew that when I joined the Executive Board when I was only 32.”

Santigie Kanu

Managing Partner, EMEA

“We've always been at the forefront of innovation. The world of technology changes fast and so do we.”

Maika Tschmuck Koyanagawa

Managing Director, China

“I was so excited to join K2 in 2021. Today, my excitement has grown now I’ve seen how we reach new heights each year!”

Erik Mendez

Managing Director, SSL

“We offer great levels of service. I’m proud of how my team in Mexico contributes massively to the success of our business.”

Fernanda Pellegrini

Vice President of People Strategies

​“Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the core of our culture. It's not something we strive for, it's just what we do.”

Dylan Griffiths

Senior Vice President of Digital Products

"K2 has a long history of innovation. Our commitment to digital transformation grows year by year."

Constanze Gunnarsson

Senior Director of People Operations

"At K2, no one ever stands still. We make it our mission to give every person the support and the motivation they need to achieve their full potential."

Alex Churchill

Senior Vice President, US West

"Innovation and delivery sit at the heart of K2, but our people drive our reputation and success"

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