AI Consulting Services

Putting AI into action to revolutionize your business

AI Consulting Services

Putting AI into action to revolutionize your business


Solve critical business challenges with expert AI consulting

Identifying the most valuable business use cases for artificial intelligence can feel overwhelming, leaving you unsure where to begin. That’s where K2 comes in.

Our world-class AI consulting services deliver practical solutions that harness AI to solve your key business challenges, drive ROI, and enhance your competitive advantage. Let us know your business objectives, and we’ll implement the most effective AI technology to make them a reality.

AI Consultancy
AI Consultancy
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Accelerate time-to-market

Get comprehensive AI consulting services, ensuring speedy and seamless delivery of solutions from concept to implementation.

Transform customer service

Deploy AI technology tested in real-world business settings to elevate customer satisfaction and interaction.

Minimize costs

Engage specialist K2 teams to manage your AI projects, avoiding the expense of recruiting and developing in-house capabilities.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing business

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The AI market is expected to grow by over 13x during the next decade.
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Discover K2’s end-to-end AI consulting solutions

Need help getting started with AI? We’ll put you on the right path and support you through every step of your AI transformation.

AI advisory

Discuss your organization’s goals with us, and get exceptional AI strategy consulting services to achieve your ambitions.

Proof of concept

Get a workable, custom-built POC to evaluate K2’s AI solution before committing to implementing it.

AI project management and implementation

Access tried and tested K2 teams to execute bespoke AI projects on time and on budget, without the day-to-day administration.

Application management services

Receive maintenance and production support, ensuring continuous and smooth delivery of new updates.

Find out how our artificial intelligence solutions can meet your needs


Put AI ideas into action with cutting-edge proofs of concept

The era of generative AI is just beginning, and many companies are still exploring its potential. K2 allows you to experience the tangible benefits of AI firsthand before advancing your investment.

We will rapidly deliver a bespoke proof of concept (POC) and test it in real-world scenarios before scaling the solution across your business.

Why AI needs proof of concept -K2 Managed Solutions

Why opt for a proof of concept?

  1. Establish trust in AI’s ability to solve business challenges.
  2. Obtain valuable insights from live testing environments.
  3. Avoid committing to a new platform until it’s proven to work.
  4. Review and refine your AI concepts before implementation.
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Kickstart your AI transformation
Explore our latest POCs

Deduplicating data with AI to enhance operational efficiency for a major European luxury brand

This multinational company encountered operational challenges stemming from numerous duplicate customer records.

We integrated a generative AI layer into its database, using semantic search to identify matching customer records and enable deduplication.

K2’s POC showcased our proficiency in leveraging AI to enhance data accuracy, improving decision-making, customer insights, and operational efficiency.

Deploying AI to strengthen customer services for a U.S. crypto currency firm

Our client sought to alleviate pressure on its customer support team due to increasing inquiries as its business expanded.

K2 built a customized POC that deployed retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology to analyze extensive document sets and generate quick, natural language responses to customer inquiries.

Our POC demonstrated AI’s effectiveness in automating, accelerating, and scaling customer service operations.

Are you interested in learning how AI can improve your processes and streamline your workflow?


Drive business growth with K2’s comprehensive AI expertise

Transform business productivity through AI consulting that’s led by seasoned experts, delivered by highly skilled project teams, leveraging proprietary AI products and deep expertise in top enterprise technologies.

Tried and tested AI teams

K2 rapidly builds specialist AI teams for your business via our large global network of professionals with AI skills. Reduce administrative work and enhance business efficiency as K2 takes charge of your AI project management.


Essential AI skills for speedy project delivery

Access world-class AI teams with the specific skill sets needed to rapidly execute the unique objectives of your critical projects.

Machine learning (ML)

Natural language processing (NLP)



Robotic process automation (RPA)

Big data framework

Analytics and business intelligence

Data management

Cloud service

AI platforms and toolkits

AI orchestration and pipelines

Computer vision

Machine learning (ML)

Natural language processing (NLP)



Robotic process automation (RPA)

Big data framework

Analytics and business intelligence

Data management

Cloud service

AI platforms and toolkits

AI orchestration and pipelines

Computer Vision


Experienced AI leadership

Chris Collins, K2’s AI Consulting Director and CTO, leads our global AI practice from San Francisco. With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, he is a seasoned entrepreneur and passionate AI advocate who has launched and scaled several successful businesses, including AI hiring platform PromptRecruit and RoboRecruiter, an award-winning chat engagement tool. 

Partner with K2 to leverage Chris’ extensive knowledge of artificial intelligence and its potential to transform your business.


Innovative AI tools, built in-house

At K2, we live and breathe AI. Our dedicated AI practice develops AI-powered products to help our clients and our own business work more productively.

K2 Virtual Assistant

Our versatile in-house AI tool is integrated with Google Chat and helps K2 employees perform multiple tasks more effectively, including timely client communication, skill-based job recommendations, and optimizing job descriptions for better matching. 

It streamlines pipeline management, offers insights for client meetings, and integrates audio-voice AI for comprehensive meeting summaries and follow-up actions.

Recommended Candidate AI

This AI tool from K2 streamlines the recruitment process by automatically matching job vacancies with professionals in our database, analyzing profiles for skills and work experience, and ranking candidates. 

It enables recruiters to quickly and efficiently target top prospects using automated outreach and screening bots.

k2ms recommended candidate ai

AI consulting for the world’s top enterprise ecosystems

Need AI consulting services for a specific technology ecosystem? K2 has you covered.

Drawing on 27 years of experience delivering solutions across major enterprise technologies such as Salesforce, SAP, and Microsoft, we are now implementing projects that harness the generative AI capabilities of these platforms.

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Don’t get left behind in the AI revolution!

Achieve the business results you need on time and on budget with AI consulting solutions from K2.