Google Cloud Consulting Services

Scalable solutions built on the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform


Enable rapid business transformation with specialist Google Cloud consulting

Ignite innovation and accelerate growth with K2’s comprehensive range of Google Cloud solutions, spanning strategic advisory, project delivery, and managed services. Access our specialist support to migrate to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and unlock its advanced capabilities, from data analytics to artificial intelligence.

As an official Google Cloud Partner, we collaborate and co-create to ensure you receive the best strategies, user experience and functionality.

Fast track ROI

Leave costly infrastructure overheads behind and reach your business goals faster with K2’s world-class Google Cloud solutions.

Make informed decisions

Harness Google Cloud’s advanced data analytics to gain real-time, actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

Scale your business

Effortlessly expand your operations with K2’s scalable GCP solutions, allowing you to quickly adjust resources based on demand.


Explore K2’s end-to-end Google Cloud solutions

K2’s solutions are built on the most comprehensive cloud platform, optimized for artificial intelligence with high-performance compute, and no compromises on security and analytics.

Data and analytics

Ingest event data any time, anywhere, and use the same NoSQL big data database that powers Google Search and Gmail.

Cloud transformation

K2 will analyze your business needs to find a cloud storage solution that works for you now, and as your team grows.

Artificial intelligence

Leverage K2’s world-class AI consulting capabilities to generate real ROI from Google Cloud’s robust artificial intelligence solutions.

Application development

Deploy, manage and scale containerized applications and build a more modern web and mobile experience.

Data infrastructure

We’ll support your move to Google’s serverless, scalable data warehouse so you can focus on gaining insights rather than managing infrastructure.

Data visualization

Turn your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share and fully customizable.

Access world-class consulting for all GCP products and services

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Cloud Storage


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Find out how our Google Cloud consulting solutions can meet your needs


Implement AI effortlessly using Google Cloud

Want to build your AI pipeline on GCP? We’ve got your back. Get expert guidance to choose pre-trained Google AI services for vision, language, recommendations, and forecasting to quickly build, train and deploy AI models at scale.


Personalize experiences for your customers with cutting-edge recommendations technology.

Advanced text analytics

Use natural language processing to derive insights and relationships from unstructured text.


Build accurate forecasting models through seamless integration with Google’s AI technology.

Document analysis

Automatically extract text and data from millions of documents, saving time and reducing manual efforts.

Image and video analysis

Add image and video analysis to applications to catalog assets, automate media workflows, and extract meaning.


Deploy pre-trained or custom models on TensorFlow, or other popular frameworks to experiment with and customize AI algorithms.


Make data your competitive advantage

We help you implement Google Cloud-powered data lakes capable of managing the scale, agility, and flexibility needed to integrate diverse data types and analytics approaches, enabling actionable intelligence for strategic decision-making.

Cloud Migration

K2 ensures seamless and agile data migration to the cloud, setting the foundation for building data lakes on GCP.

Design and build

Implement GCP-powered data lakes to uncover insights that go beyond the capabilities of traditional data silos and warehouses.

Managed services

Our expert management of your data lakes ensures security and peak performance through ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support.

Your Google Cloud projects, delivered faster, for less

Achieve the business results you need on time and on budget with Google Cloud solutions from K2.

Join us for our expert-led webinar where we’ll explore the dynamic integration of generative AI with Salesforce to revolutionize your CRM capabilities.